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DIGILE aims is to increase the pace of development of Finnish ICT and digital business, which in turn will ensure growth of the business of the whole sector, and therein the creation of new jobs. Nowadays, digital business is an essential part of all kinds of business as well as public services – not just ICT.

As one of Finland’s Strategic Centres for Science, Technology and Innovation (SHOKs) – DIGILE’s role is not only to bring together and systematise research and development, but also to ensure that the results of research are understood, applied and adopted as part of companies’ business practice faster than ever before.

The internet economy is growing fast. DIGILE sees ICT-based digital services as being the most important way to provide added value to customers. This is why DIGILE is focused on promoting the development of digital service know-how for business needs. Ever smarter services are also a means of increasing the productivity of work, and society at large. DIGILE believes that Finland is perfectly placed to become a forerunner in the construction and harnessing of digital services, as well as turning services into a major export to the global market.

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